Manchester Museum: hello future

An update from our new Director, Esme Ward, about our plans.

Our 2 year £13 million development is about to begin…
Manchester Museum, at the University of Manchester, aims to become the UK’s most imaginative, inclusive and caring museum. Its vision to promote a sustainable world and understanding between cultures has never been more timely.

The transformation will include;

  • A major new Exhibitions Gallery
    Manchester Museum will become the North of England’s leading venue for producing and hosting international-quality exhibitions on human cultures and the natural world. Paired with a dynamic participatory programme, we will imaginatively address some of the key issues of our time; climate change, ageing, migration and belonging.
  • South Asia Gallery
    The North of England’s first large-scale gallery of South Asian history and culture is being created in partnership with the British Museum. It will be the UK’s first permanent gallery to explore the stories, experiences and contributions of diaspora communities. At the heart of the gallery will be a unique performance space, dedicated to showing the very best live music, dance and performance from and inspired by South Asia.
  • Dr Lee Kai Hung Chinese Cultures Gallery
    This gallery will explore understanding between cultures, the rich cultural heritage and stories of Chinese communities in the region and the links between Manchester and China.
  • Launch of a new international Centre for Age Friendly Culture
    Developed in partnership with the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub, this will be the world’s first centre dedicated to age friendly arts and culture (including parks, green infrastructure) and will build local and international partnerships and seek to influence policy around the value of culture to active ageing and generational cohesion.
  • A new welcome
    To create a more visible and welcoming first impression, with new Oxford Road-facing entrance, welcome area and shop. Throughout, our commitment to inclusion will place particular emphasis on accessible design for older visitors and people with a disability.

Manchester Museum: hello future is a major project to develop and transform the museum to bring more wonder and inspiration from around the world to visitors. Driven by renewed social purpose, Manchester Museum will become more relevant and welcoming to all ages and communities. To find out more, visit our hello future web page


Thank you to Multilingual Manchester for helping us to translate ‘hello future’ into some of the most spoken languages across Manchester.

Visit the Multilingual Manchester website to find out more


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