It’s all in the name


A guest post from Alia Ullah, our Media and Marketing Officer

We are renaming the Courtyard Project and we’re looking for a name that reflects the ambition and excitement of the project as well as our values as being inclusive, caring and imaginative.The Courtyard Project is not only about a new build, it is also an opportunity for us to develop our public programme and become more welcoming, inclusive and age friendly.

3 237010_MuseumCourtyard_180502

Although we are building into our courtyard, we don’t feel ‘Courtyard’ reflects our future ambition for this transformation across the museum so have decided to rename our project. As we are thinking about what we call our project, we have started to have conversations with visitors, volunteers, our online audiences and staff. As a result of this we have come up with a shortlist of four potential titles and having further conversations to consider which one is the best fit for our capital redevelopment project:

Manchester Museum Next
Manchester Museum: Facing the Future
Transforming Manchester Museum
Manchester Museum: Hello future

Watch out for the big reveal of our new title soon!


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