Making a Difference

As we continue to plan our new South Asia Gallery, its really great to hear about the difference that our work can make, as Harriet Morgan Shami shares in a guest post below:

On the evening of 1st May, the Memories of Partition team were invited to attend the University of Manchester’s prestigious Making A Difference Awards ceremony. The awards recognise the outstanding achievements of staff, students, alumni and external partners in the fields of engagement and social responsibility. There are a number of different categories and the Memories of Partition project had been shortlisted for an award for Outstanding Contribution to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.

DSC_8059_preview (2)

After a diverse range of awards for local, national and international community engagement, the Memories of Partition team were announced winners of their category and Andrea Winn, Stephen Welsh, Harriet Morgan-Shami, Atiha Chaudry and Fiona McInroy (pictured above) were  invited up to the stage to receive their award. It was a wonderful surprise and the team felt a great sense of achievement to be recognised in such a way.


Our nominator and steering group member, Dr. Aninditha Ghosh, was invited to make a short film about why she thought the project deserved recognition. You can view the film here:


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